About Me

Queen of Diaperville: My name is Lizze. I am a part-time pediatric speech-language pathologist and a full-time mommy and wife! I have been married to my amazing husband for a little over 3 years now and we have one little man (so far!). I do my best to keep Christ front and center in my life, but have been known to let the 'busyness' of life lead me astray. I always thought those 'crunchy granola' types were pretty weird, but over the past few years, my way of thinking has definitely been changing. And, since the little man was born, it's just sped up the trend! I seem to be getting a little crunchier every day. Hope you enjoy following my journey into 'greener pastures'!

Mayor of Diaperville: My husband is amazing. He follows hard after Christ and is the leader of our little family. He is currently in school working towards his B.S of Nursing. He supports all my crunchy ways and is the one that officially declared our house: 'Diaperville'. He is a wonderful husband and father. And, he can wash a mean load of diapers!

Little Man of Diaperville: Diaperville never would have come into existence without a little bum to diaper! Little Man is a bit of a ham, very industrious, curious and a little cautious. All in all, he is a joy to spend time with and I cherish every moment at home with him!