Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review - Doopsy SD

I realized that my blog has had very little about cloth diapering since my first few posts - not too good for a blog called Diaperville! So, I thought I would post my first review on the Doopsy SD. I was so excited to win this diaper from Mama Chocolate. This was my first cloth diaper giveaway win and what a fun one to win!

Inside of diaper (the lining is super soft fleece)

Outside of diaper - love the color and all the snap options!

Comes with 3 inserts (forgot to show the microfiber insert, sorry!). In the picture is the SUPER Doopsy™ Insert which has 4 layers of Bamboo Double Loop Terry (70% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, 2% Spandex), as well as a layer of PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) and the removable Extra Absorbency Pad made out of 2 Bamboo Hemp Terry Layers (30% Hemp, 70% Bamboo).

Rear view in action:

The Little Man had fun showing it off!

and putting it to work on his rocking horse

What I love:
  • Hip snap which makes for a better fit and no wing droop.
  • The color - I really love the bright orange and all their other colors are bright and fun as well!
  • The rise - it is high enough for a good coverage.
  • The multiple inserts - you can adjust the absorbency you need - a plus for my super heavy wetter!
  • The fit - I can get a good snug fit around Little Man's legs without red marks
  • Big pocket for stuffing
  • Extra strip of PUL on front to reduce wicking
  • Room to grow - Little Man is on the largest rise setting, but is still 2-3 snaps in on each side, so I think this will definitely last through potty training!
What could be improved:
  • Absorbency - I do have a super heavy wetter and I may have to admit to user impatience - I only washed it two times before using, so I think the bamboo may not be at its peak yet (I have used it a half dozen times, so it has only been washed about 8 times). This diaper has held well for normal daytime use, but we have had some leaks during nap time. I was really hoping to add this to my nap time stash. Note: I did use it for Little Man's nap time again today and had no leaks, so it is probably user impatience!
  • Although I love the big pocket for stuffing - I wish it would lay flat when I put it on - it is almost always sticking up out of the back when I put it on Little Man - I have to tuck the extra fleece into his diaper
  • Although I like the idea of the multiple layers of the insert for decreasing dry time, would love it if it could somehow undo itself from the agitation of the washer. I am not a huge fan of having to mess that much with a super wet insert. My solution: I just don't stuff it in - I layer the inserts like in the picture below and then stuff the pocket.

All in all, I really do like this diaper - it is great for daytime use and I am hoping that after a few more washes it will be a good nap time diaper as well. For little ones that aren't super heavy wetters like mine, it would probably work as an overnight solution.


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